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COVID-19 Update: May 29

The DRC volunteer board of directors met virtually to discuss what returning to the water will look like for us.    It was a very in-depth conversation.  We are now drafting our return to rowing protocols and new COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures.  We will be reviewing and then approving during our next scheduled board meeting in early June.  Once we have the go-ahead from RCA/RO and the Township, we will then be working with a phased approach to getting on the water, starting with a small experienced single sculling group so we can make sure that we are implementing our new procedures properly.  In order to adhere to social distancing protocol, rowing in single sculls and potentially doubles (if the crew if from the same household) will be permitted, and we will be working out rowing times, days and sign-up proceedures based on the availibilty our very limited club equipment and volunteer resources. When the doors open, rowing at the club will be very limited and different than what we are used to, and we all have to work together to allow the club to remain open under safe conditions.  Please be advised that we may not be able to accommodate our entire membership, this could change as we move through this Pandemic, and the board will be constantly monitoring the situation. 

Once on the water, our membership fees will be adjusted accordingly, and registration and payment details will be posted on the Website.

Private boat owners, your boat storage fees are due for this year, but membership fees will not be due until we are on the water.  We prefer that this be e-transfered directly to our treasurer (Ian Morrison) at  Please contact Ian to make alternate arrangements if you are not able to e-transfer.  

Should you need to access the boathouse to travel your boat somewhere outside of the club, please email the club ( to set up a time to do so, as we have updated the locks on the boathouse, and until we return to normal rowing conditions, only a select few members of the board can unlock the building for safety and insurance reasons. 

We want to thank everyone for their continued patience as we navigate through these strange times, and we will continue to keep you updated.

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