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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many things that need to be done in order for the Durham Rowing Club to function and also be a place of enjoyment for all members.  Consequently, we expect club members to provide some hours of their personal time to do certain jobs which help the club run smoothly all season long.


Please note that we will be happy to train you for any job that requires some prior knowledge.  We will also be happy to accept the service of a family member or a friend, particularly if that person has certain skills sought after by the club. 

Recreational Cox

Help out and cox our recreational program so we are able to send out larger boats!  You can get up to 2 hours per session you cox, depending on the amount of time you cox during the session.

Grass Cutting

Help us keep the club looking great by cutting the grass.  This job will be avaliable once per week (please talk to the boathouse manager).  You will get 1 hour per time you cut the grass.

Boat/Oar Cleaning

These times will be on special dates throughout the summer.  Please contact the boathouse manager for when the next boat cleaning session will be.  The hours earned will vary over the summer.

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Learn to Row Volunteer

Come out and help with our Learn to Row Program and either row with or cox our new novice rowers!  LTR sessions run Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15-8:30pm.  You will get up to 2 hours per session you volunteer at.

Towel Washing

The towels that dry down the boats don't clean themselves!  Take the towels home from the club and give them a wash.  Bring them back dry and folded and you will get 1/2 an hour of volunteer time.

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